The Company

The Company

Asturia Technologies delivers Global Management Solutions converging land based gaming operations with Interactive ones. We offer a perfect solution for land based operators to ensure a risk-free online presence while tapping into new revenue streams by combining Genuia Core (casino management system) with Genuina Interactive (iGaming system). Additionally, we enable the creation of digital communities, allowing our customers to develop their interactive presence and to structure a single social space for their members.
Thanks to this omni-channel approach and building-up on Big Data collection and digital communities, our products create unique competitive advantages and new revenue streams for our customers' organizations, while enhancing their players’ experience.
Asturia Technologies has its head offices in Montreal, and subsidiaries to support its existing strategic initiatives in Mexico, Panama and Peru. It also has software development centers in Montreal and Uruguay.


Asturia’s Global Management Solution is an expandable and modular platform for land based casinos (Genuina Core) as well as iGaming (Genuina Interactive) designed for player-centric unified operations. This omni-channel approach allows operators to increase lifetime customer value while enhancing gaming experience through the unique seamless integration of all gaming activities.

The solution is provided as a SaaS model. We provide land based operators an effortless way to develop new market share from the fast-growing interactive gaming space. Operators are able to achieve this objective quicker due to our risk free flexible approach supported by a cost-efficient business model.

Genuina Core

Genuina Core is an optimized system for casino management supporting all payment modes. In addition to traditional modules, we empower the operator with decision-making power by providing advanced marketing tools and real-time capabilities, player tracking and tailored promos, dashboards and alerts, web and mobile applications as well as multimedia display for an enhanced Player Interface. Our modular software and comprehensive business model allows you to select what you need today and build on top of strong foundations when it’s the right time for you.

Genuina Interactive

Genuina Interactive is the online management platform seamlessly integrated to Genuina Core and empowers casino operators to increase their market share beyond their premises while leveraging on the current customer base and single-wallet in order to build brand recognition. We provide a full turnkey solution to land based operators making their online presence risk-free and cost-effective while providing unique competitive advantages.

The Company

Genuina Core

Genuina Core is our casino management system handling Cashless, TITO and cash payment modules that were conceived to be modular, simple and expandable. Genuina Core includes typical modules that include financial transaction management, operational management, advanced marketing capabilities, alerts and government reporting. Additionally, we provide web and mobile applications empowering operators in decision-making and contextual use thanks to portability and real-time events monitoring augmenting interactivity. We aim to increase communications between operators and their players resulting in excellence of the customer experience, personalized loyalty programs and optimized marketing and operations budgets.
Benefits for Players:

  • Advanced bonusing capabilities and Player Tracking system
  • Adaptive Reward System Combined with Personalized Marketing Module
  • Enhanced Interactivity between players and casino personnel
  • Capability to add money, redeem points and promotions from the comfort of their seats
  • Event-based automated text messaging system for special offers
Benefits for Operators:

  • Payments Management with full support of transactional methods and mobile cashier stations
  • Comprehensive Casino Management for cages and vaults, slot accounting, financial and cash
  • System-based bonusing and jackpots – free play bonuses, mystery and progressive jackpots
  • Proactive Marketing tools with quick access to real-time data
  • Management module for multiple displays including scheduling, advertising, and general announcements features
  • Cross-channel integration allowing land based operators to expand customer base beyond their physical boundaries and grab revenues from new online channels and improve player retention
  • Compliance with country-specific regulations and fiscal guidelines (such as anti-money laundering policies), and provides means to support Operators efforts in implementing responsible gaming strategies and protocols to prevent compulsive behaviors

Genuina Interactive

Genuina Interactive is a complete and cohesive turn-key online gaming management platform providing access to a large variety of third-party reputable slots and casino games, live casino, Instant games, and sports betting with live feeds. Combined with Genuina Core your players can play from anywhere, anytime across-devices and under your same brand umbrella.

Benefits for Players:

  • Same account, less transaction fees and access to wide range of betting options
  • Recognition of their status and personalized promotions
  • Trust in operator’s casino brand while deposits could be made on site through vouchers and cashier stations
  • Localized interface and offering to LATAM and the Caribbean
  • Support of multi-currency and multi-language
  • Take immediate advantage from new third-party games released and selected by the Operators
Benefits for Operators:

  • Combined player’s account: single click to transfer money between online and land based and support all recognized payment processors
  • Cross-channels Loyalty programs: your valuable player inside premises has the same recognition and value in your online site
  • Games and Content Management continuously updated and personalized
  • Branded Website maintained and updated, hosting services and affiliation programs resulting in an increase of your players base
  • 24/7 players’ support: offers excellence in support through integrated chat service completely managed by experts in the area and shares comprehensive dashboards and metrics reports

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Digital Services

Customer excellence is all about making the player feel unique and valuable while personalizing his gaming experience to best meet expectations. In order to achieve such, Asturia’s Global Management Solutions host player and contextual data and turn it into concise and meaningful information for operators to use easily in decision making. Through predictive marketing capabilities, such tailored and agile marketing strategy puts your campaigns and promotions ahead of the curve and translates to higher loyalty and lifetime value of customer base. You will be able to deliver much more in a personalized way for each player by optimizing the use of your marketing budget, so basically you obtain better market share at no additional cost!

What is predictive marketing when it comes to gaming? It’s all about offering the right promotion, to the right player, at the right time and through the appropriate communication channel. Thanks to predictive analysis modelling generated through Big Data collection and aggregation, we provide simple marketing actions applicable to any size operator to get the highest impact on customers’ satisfaction at minimum cost. Translating Big Data to operational and marketing simple but efficient actions, we empower any size operator through a unique set of technologies to channelize efforts and budgets toward best return on investment and higher player satisfaction.

By understanding your customers’ behavior and offering customized promotions across channels you can drastically improve their loyalty, retention rate, and consequently their lifetime value.

Asturia’s turn-key digital services
  • Predictive Marketing analysis: promos and offer recommendations
  • Digital Displays contextualized for Marketing
  • Creation and development of digital gaming communities
  • Affiliations bringing synergies between casinos and interactive gaming operations
  • 24/7 support in digital medias
  • Social gaming and technology set intended to increase customer base
  • Fully hosted services and possibility of localized infrastructure
Asturia engages in long-term partnerships with clients: We offer digital services and solutions tailored to your current needs thanks to our comprehensive business model, while supporting your strategic growth plans towards achieving a sustainable business.

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