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Asturia’s Global Management Solution is an expandable and modular platform for land based casinos (Genuina Core) as well as iGaming (Genuina Interactive) designed for player-centric unified operations. This omni-channel approach allows operators to increase lifetime customer value while enhancing gaming experience through the unique seamless integration of all gaming activities.

The solution is provided as a SaaS model. We provide land based operators an effortless way to develop new market share from the fast-growing interactive gaming space. Operators are able to achieve this objective quicker due to our risk free flexible approach supported by a cost-efficient business model.

Digital Services

Deliver much more to your players in a personalized way by optimizing your marketing budget, and obtain a better market share at no additional cost!

Asturia engages in long-term partnerships with clients: We offer digital services and solutions tailored to your current needs thanks to our comprehensive business model, while supporting your strategic growth plans towards achieving a sustainable business.

Thanks to predictive analysis modelling generated through Big Data collection and aggregation, we provide simple marketing actions applicable to any size operator to get the highest impact on customers’ satisfaction at minimum cost.

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